It is no news that when it comes to drugs that destroy lives, alcohol abuse takes the lead amongst the pack. However, there is a tendency to downplay on the negative impact of alcohol because there are no government restrictions on its intake.

Statistics show that in the US alone, 88,000 lives are lost to alcohol annually. This figure includes 20,000 Americans who have lost their lives due to liver-related alcohol diseases, and 10,000 who die from auto-accidents due to alcohol’s influence. Plus regular alcohol intake is also linked to colon cancer.

So now, more than ever, it becomes pertinent to outline here some safety drinking tips.

It is important to know what your limit is when you drink and stick to it. As much as you can stick to a couple of bottles, and even when it doesn’t look like you have gotten enough, train yourself to stop. Getting intoxicated isn’t an ideal drinking tip to employ.

Before and while drinking, it is good that you eat food. Alcohol enters your bloodstream through your small intestine and stomach. So if your stomach is empty while drinking, it makes it easy for the alcohol to go straight to your bloodstream, which is very unhealthy.

Skipping having to take alcoholic drinks from time to time and settling for a non-alcoholic drink instead is the definition of smart. You need to realize that your liver cannot process alcohol, and the more you pump it into your system, the more damage you do to yourself.

More so, while drinking you could alternate a glass of water alongside. Taking drinks that are unfamiliar should be a no-no, as you can hardly determine their alcoholic content. Only settle for drinks that you are sure of its origin; don’t settle for alcohol because they are cheap, cultivate your taste in alcohol.

If you have to drink, care for your body enough to do a little research on the drinks that are okay for you to take, and the quantity.

Avoid drinks mixed, as they are high in calories but do not satiate. Plus they are often harder on your head and stomach.

It is important that you discipline yourself where intake of alcohol is concerned; especially if you desire to stay healthy. This is your health; your life. So, embracing these safety tips are sure ways to have the best of both worlds; which is to stay healthy and robust while drinking.