We pride ourselves to employ technology in running our services, and that’s why with either a phone call, our social media handle, or as simple as sending us an email, you can book a table in our pub. This is especially important if you desire to enjoy your favorite meal on our peak periods.

Like every standard company, we do have peak periods and off-peak. Yet you don’t need to concern yourself with them by simply booking a table ahead of time. With that done, all you need to do is stroll into our pub at any time that suits you, and be sure to find your seat waiting for you.

Are you thinking of having a get-together or a romantic getaway? Then our pub can help you set the right ambiance for a perfect outing when you book a table ahead. We already have the ideal location, with an interior décor that spells class, beautiful sceneries, smiling waiters, excellent meals and drinks. All you can think of to make an outing memorable, we have it in place.

With our exclusive discount offers based on promotions we have from time to time, booking a table ahead gives you the privilege of a special discount. It is time to maximize the opportunity available and embrace our discount offer and reserve a table for that occasion you have stalled.

Book a table today, as our staffs are patiently waiting for your call so they can begin to work on making your special occasion a pleasant and memorable one.

What we know to do best is redefining customer experience. Hence, be confident that your visit to our pub promises to redefine your previous pub experiences. If you haven’t visited our pub, then you don’t have any pub experience yet.