We are a world-class pub, and as such our offerings are encompassing both nutritionally and culturally. Therefore we embrace all kinds of people including vegans. Aside from making our meals to suit vegans that come around, we also have drinks specially made for vegans.

We are aware that vegans want nothing to do with animal products and settle only for plant-derived foods. Thus we are deliberate in our provisions to vegans that their meals, as well as drinks, are utterly void of animal concentrates.

Right, some drinks and foods have minimal components of animal derivatives such as some beers, wines, orange juice, margarine, figs, bagels, etc. Yet we endeavor to stick with just completely vegan products. Even though this is cumbersome, often involve lots of research from us, we still find a way to satisfy our numerous vegan customers.

Business for us is not about the money; it has always been about customer satisfaction. Is making money in industry terrible? Far from it because over the years, as our focus remained customer satisfaction, money didn’t stop to come with it.

We advise vegans on the drinks to avoid, and this is obvious on our menu. We spell out suggested healthy meals for vegans. Our customers have been appreciative of our efforts, as most times, we noticed that the vegans don’t know the meals to settle for themselves.

Are you a vegan? Then you should visit our pub and see the quality of attention we give to your every meal and drink. Our approach to business is what has defined us over the years, and we are in no hurry to stop delivering value.

The testimonial from our customers has defined us over time, and it challenges us to keep raising the stakes. For us, there are no competitors in this business; that’s why we call the shots and perpetually thrive on being a better version of ourselves.

Again, we back our words with action; give us an opportunity to provide you with a treat and judge us later. Of course, it must always turn out positive.

We are on the telephone; call and book a table.